“The Paper Tigers” Bao Tran on how growing up in an immigrant family shaped his filmmaking

(Part 1 of 3 interview with Bao Tran)

“For me to be able to even have an inkling or a spark of an idea that I could even make it, started essentially with video tapes… essentially with TV and going to Chinatown and going to Asian mom and pop and get these video tapes. Sharing video tapes with family members and swapping, you know we’d have all these movies and TV shows that were from Asia and that was kind of our lifeline to Asian culture.” – Bao Tran

“The Paper Tigers” director Bao Tran tells Dave Liu about his years growing up a first generation American and how that shaped his filmmaking. Plus he talks about the hard work of his family to give him the opportunities he has had. And how greats such as Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan inspired him to create what he has created with “The Paper Tigers”.