“The Paper Tigers” Bao Tran on his influences and the process of getting his film made

(Part 2 of 3 interview with Bao Tran)

“Just the fact of that example, that he would make time and space for me, I can’t thank him enough.”

Bao Tran tells Dave Liu about his family friend actor and director Corey Yuen. How Yuen took the time to watch Tran’s work and give him advice. Plus Tran talks about the 10 year process of getting “The Paper Tigers” made. How he was able to secure some funding to create a trailer, and from their use that to get additional funds to get the entire film made. He calls it “quadruple processing” which included a lot of multitasking, saving and not knowing when the movie was going to get made. How that ties into his immigrant family background.

Plus how releasing “The Paper Tigers” during Covid was moving for him from the support he got and the things that were missed because of the pandemic.

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