“Sweetwater” star Everett Osborne on the man who changed the NBA

Actor Everett Osborne believes life is about finding purpose and passion. The star of the film “Sweetwater” sat down with Carlos Amezcua to talk about his role in the film and the opportunities he’s had in his own life.

Osborne plays Hall of Famer Nat “Sweetwater” Clifton, the man who changed basketball forever by becoming the first African American to sign an NBA contract. He discusses the importance of the role calling it historic, especially given his basketball background.

The actor reflects on how passion came into play when taking on the role. ‘As you mentioned I played professional basketball and my passion has been acting since the age of four. So the moment, the opportunity to provide something I was excellently skilled at to a passion of mine as an artist is a dream come true,’ said Osborne.

When preparing for the role, Osborne noted: “You have to start with truth. That’s the golden rule in this. Always tell the truth…This is a human being that served, fought for freedom, fought for justice, fought for humanity.”

On February 17th, Osborne took his basketball skills to the hardwood participating in this year’s Celebrity Game NBA All-Star Weekend, starring as the leading scorer with twenty-three points, breaking the all-time scoring record, and ultimately winning the game.

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