Skai Jackson, Wallis Day and Sasha Luss on their Hollywood “Sheroes”

In a recent conversation with Rachel Smith, Wallis Day, Skai Jackson and Sasha Luss chatted about their new film “Sheroes” – female empowerment and cinematic role models took center stage. The group discussed their thoughts on the movie and the impact of strong female characters in the industry.

Rachel Smith shared her excitement after watching the movie that morning. Feeling inspired, she expressed a desire to visit a gun range and even try MMA fighting.

Wallis Day suggesting that Rachel should join the cast of the next installment.

The conversation then shifted to cinematic role models. Rachel posed a question to her fellow actors, asking about the influential female characters they admired while growing up.

Unsurprisingly, Angelina Jolie topped Wallis Day’s list. Wallis praised Jolie for her portrayal of strong, badass characters, recalling a transformative moment when she realized that women could be heroes too. Jolie’s performances not only influenced Wallis personally but also shaped her career choices.

Sasha Luss shared her admiration for both Betty Davis and Uma Thurman. On-screen and off-screen, Davis exuded power and commanded respect. Uma Thurman’s iconic roles in “Kill Bill” and “Charlie’s Angels” captivated Luss, showcasing a fierce and compelling presence.

Skai shared her experience with boxing classes, suggesting that her newfound skills could make her a formidable force. She jokingly warned others not to mess with her, alluding to the confidence and strength she gained through boxing.

Wallis Day’s extensive training in taekwondo and jujitsu and expertise in martial arts gave her a sense of preparedness and self-assurance.

The actors acknowledged the difference between rehearsed on-screen action sequences and real-life situations. Reacting to unforeseen challenges without choreography proved more daunting. Nevertheless, they expressed the importance of training and the resilience it cultivates.

The conversation closed on a poignant note, emphasizing the significance of imperfect, unapologetic female characters. Rachel highlighted that true empowerment doesn’t require perfection, and that all women have the potential to be heroes in their own lives.

“Sheroes” is now playing in theaters and on-demand.