“Rogue One” Director Gareth Edwards on his latest film “The Creator” and his love of Star Wars

From the director of “Star Wars: Rogue One” Gareth Edwards takes us to a new galaxy with his latest sci-fi thriller, “The Creator.” The director sat down with ‘Lights, Camera, Vegas!’ host Rachel Smith to talk about the sci-fi thriller, the timeliness of its AI theme and why Star Wars fans will embrace the new adventure.

In a future war between mankind and AI, Joshua, an ex-special force agent, is recruited to hunt down and kill The Creator, the architect of the AI. Having created an unknown weapon that could end the war and the human race, Joshua and his team journey into enemy territory and soon discover the weapon is a young AI child.

Edwards said, “The idea came from lots and lots and lots of films that I grew up with. I kinda put them all into a melting pot and stirred it…” He spoke on the timeliness of his latest blockbuster. “We kind of started writing this four years ago and it was supposed to be this science fiction, fantasy, far away thing we might never experience and it’s right here today. It’s so strange.”

Edwards spoke on his love for Star Wars and the influence it’s had on him as a filmmaker. “I watched ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’ every single morning before going to school every day as a kid and it’s like if you hear English off your parents as you’re growing up, you speak English. And it’s like when I make a film I can’t help but speak Star Wars. It’s kind of the vocabulary. It’s
really hard not to speak Star Wars. So if anything we were like trying to lessen the Star Warsness of the films at times.”

“The Creator” is out now in theaters everywhere. “The Creator” is a science-fiction/thriller starring John David Washington, Gemma Chan, and Ken Watanabe.

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