Parenting book “Eat, Sleep, Poop & Repeat” author Becky Brezovski

“What we do see clinically is even if you’ve had trouble, or you’ve had trauma or you’re carrying that trauma yourself – the baby is carrying it with you and they have their own story about where they came from and how they came into this world. I don’t want parents to be afraid of it, but I want to create an awareness.”

Author Becky Brezovski talks to Carlos Amezcua about her new book “Eat, Sleep, Poop & Repeat.” She specializes in craniosacral therapy, discusses birth trauma and some of the things she has seen in her clinics with newborns. Plus what are the resources are available for parents? Brezovski hopes this book takes pieces of information from all the dynamic teams she works with and identify the things coming forward and treat them appropriately. Find more in her book, available on and on her blog

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