KIGT is building our future with electric vehicle technology

Paul Francis is the CEO/Co-Founder of KIGT, a Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Manufacturer that also creates the operating software. KIGT helps Plug-in Car Drivers save time and money by providing faster charging at home with software that makes it easier to manage fueling and energy expenses.

Francis tells Carlos Amezcua that as a young man he was inspired by films like “Back to the Future” where Doc Brown fuels the DeLorean with something other than gasoline. He says KIGT is looking to change the habits of people from the last hundred years. Francis hopes that one day every household will be able to not only charge their car at home, but more efficiently use the electricity already in place. Francis tells Amezcua about their partnership with Southern California Edison and what that has meant to the company.

Segment sponsored by Southern California Edison