Dr. G Engaging Minds: Actor Eric Roberts

Academy Award and Golden Globe nominee actor Eric Roberts joins addiction specialist Dr. G to explore how he has used this past year to promote positive changes in his life, and connect with his wife, Eliza. Dr. G and Eric talk about the importance of connection for recovering addicts, especially during COVID-19 when the risk of relapse is high due to isolation and increased anxiety. Eric shares how he has remained grounded and inspired this year with gratitude for simple pleasures in his life– “It’s a great time to explore, or re-explore your whole situation.”

Eliza Roberts joins Dr. G with Eric to give us a peek into the Meisner technique for actors. The Hollywood couple loves rehearsing and coaching as much as they love acting. Eliza directs Eric and Dr. G in a scene from an upcoming movie in which Eric will be starring. The heartfelt scene between father and son highlights the emotional difficulties substance abuse places on a family. Eliza and Eric demonstrate how powerful the Meisner technique is in teaching us to listen and connect, both as actors and in our day to day lives.

Dr. G: Engaging Minds brings you the journeys of extraordinary people who have struggled with addiction, and transformed their lives into something passionate. Host Dr. G, Dr. Howard Gluss, is a clinical psychologist based in Los Angeles, CA. His own journey as psychologist, radio host and addiction coach has allowed him to help many people all over the world discover their passion to thrive in sobriety. Dr. G leads the initiative Heroes in Sobriety to give “heroes” in recovery the opportunity to share their stories of transformation, and become inspirations to others struggling with addiction.