Director Elisa Gambino’s “Every Day After” on how one person’s love can make a difference

“We wanted to tell an intimate story about how the love of one person can change how others view that person, and can change their ability to get health care, access to health care.”
-“Every Day After” Director Elisa Gambino

Elisa Gambino shares the importance behind this short documentary film “Every Day After” with Carlos Amezcua. Gambino explains why she didn’t want to just tell a happily ever after version of this story and why cleft surgery is more nuanced and emotional than other narratives would have you believe. Plus how she’d like Hollywood to change their storytelling around facial differences and scarring. She uses the Penguin in Batman as an example of why that’s so problematic.

Plus Gambino talks about how her filmmaking partners cinematographer Neal Broffman and Executive Producer David Liu helped bring the film to life.

“Every Day After” is premiering next at the Albuquerque Film Festival later this month. You can find more information on their website

More about the film:

Growing up in Masbate Province in the Philippines, Jary is neglected and shunned since the moment of his birth for one reason– his appearance.

His older sister, Jessa protects Jary through his early years, then takes him in as a young teen, to raise him alongside her own two children in a fragile house on a hill. Jessa seeks out the medical care Jary has been denied since birth. And more, the support to begin his physical and emotional recovery.

Every Day After is a 35-minute documentary that provides a more nuanced look at the complexities of the healing process we don’t often see. And honors the invisible labor of a sister whose love and action make it possible for Jary to experience the everyday joys and struggles of growing up.

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